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Did you come to EUqueDISSE looking for our publications? You find them!

***Blackout: a funny way to discuss news. Maybe with a Brazilian taste to comedy, but... well, maybe you'll find it funny anyway.
***Injured Tourist's Practical Manual: Do you want to do a really unforgettable trip? So take a ride with Jack, the Injured Tourist.
***Philosophies of bar: Texts for you that want to think about life... and that you will just understand if you are a little bit drunk.
***Captain Glu-Glu's Adventures: Super Man? Spider Man? X-Men? Batman and Robin? Captain America? No! Our superhero is the sensational, the marvelous, the super..... CAPTAIN GLU-GLU!
***Anonymous Aliens: You, like many of us, fell on Earth and now is looking for your compatriots? You feel lost and have no idea about what to do while you wait for your flying saucer come back? So share your experiences with others Anonymous Aliens.
***Quickies of EUqueDISSE: Little texts without a specific subject. It's easier to read than to explain them, so....
Charges of EUqueDISSE: some charges made by our team, that pretend knowing how to draw... so if you read them, you will accept the risks of it......
War Stories: When a war begins, may stories begins with it....

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