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Everything started in 2000. I was a writer finishing high school and trying to pass in the exams to enter in the university. Because in Brazil you need to pass in exams (we call them Vestibular) to enter in a university. And to do this, I had to study a lot… and write a lot. Studying to learn, writing to feel cool…

This site was born in those days. It’s first version was hosted in the old GeoCities. In that moment, I used it to publish my texts AND abstracts of books and subjects that I had to know to the university exams. Very good, isn’t it? It was!

The problem (well, in some aspects it was the solution...) was that I passed in the exam! So I started to study psychology – a graduation to make me more crazy that I was… - and so I had no time or capacity to maintain the site….

So the time passed… I graduated… and… well, and now? It was time to breathe again. How? A little promise that I did in 2008: I would write everyday! And so I’m doing… - as I use to say, it’s the only promise I’m really fulfilling, because those promises that I would lose weight, do exercises, take a break in weekends… hahaha!

With this promise, I wrote… pages and more pages and more pages… day after day…. That’s the best part of my day: when I stop and write. And, so, I had to find a way to divulge my work….

To the question “how?”, a single answer: EUqueDISSE. But, wait! I want to resuscitate the dead site? Why not???

As I had no answer to “why not”, I had to recreate EUqueDISSE. Now without it’s “student” side – just the literature side.

So, here we go! Now in English – and sorry for anything wrong you find here. I hope you’ll follow us!

EUqueDISSE 2014